Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring Style

Hello guys,

Firstly I'm sorry for my lack of posts it's just been hectic recently and I've been more into my polyvore more than anything. I haven't done any Fashionista Friday's for the past weeks but hopefully that will carry on and I'm planning more posts.

Anyway as you know it's spring so I decided to put some sets together,that I made on my polyvore,that include the new spring stock from various stores and just outfits for spring.

Spring style sets:




There's a lot of mixture of dark colours and light colours but that's how I dress in spring. There a few prints but there are not as bright as summer ones.

Lately I've been using a lot of pastels in my sets but I don't wear pastels but I adore the pastel coloured Zara mini city bag,the link to them is here,I prefer the blue pastel one. I also like the pastel coloured coats but I think the pink ones are more liked when it comes to the coats.

There a few skirts/shorts up there but for spring you can add tights or leggings.Long cardigans have been popping up a lot in store and online and I want one but I don't want one to swallow me up. Spring outfits I love because everyone is coming out of dark colours from winter,but I tend to stay there, and you start to see the change of colours.

Anyway it was just a quick post today,you can follow my polyvore for more of my sets. I hope you have a nice day.

- Shameela XO

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