Friday, 21 March 2014

Fashionista Friday-Fashion Vibe

Hello guys,

This week is Zina from Fashion Vibe. I couldn't find much information about her and I think she's done it on purpose so sorry about that. Anyway the link to her fashion blog is here.

Like a lot of fashion bloggers her style is always up to date. Her style I think is quite quirky but simple at the same time. I haven't been keeping a close eye on here blog recently but I always love when her outfits pop up on my feed. She has over 30k+ followers on bloglovin' and has been doing various events.

Her outfits:

Without even realising I've been using some of her items in my polyvore sets and have been making similar outfits which is weird. I really do love a lot of her outfits and if you like them I suggest checking out her blog

Her shoes I think have to be the her best aspect. If you look she has the top range of shoes,Balenciaga shoes,Zara boots,cut out boots,knee high boots etc... I love these shoes even though they might not to be everyone's taste.She puts outfits together that may look weird not on but she works is so well. You can tell she likes her coats but because these are her recent outfits it may just be because of the winter season.

I love too many of her outfits so I won't bore you that much talking about them all. Her first outfit in the first collage has to be in the top for many reasons but I did this first on my polyvore and then when I saw it on her blog I screamed because she made it real. She's like my polyvore sets in the flesh and she also did it again with the outfit in the second collage,the second picture. She also has the best range of sun/glasses and she uses them in a lot of her outfits.

If you want to see my sets the link is here. That's all for this week.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO

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