Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Prints for Spring

Hey guys,

As you know it's Spring,well officially anyway in few days, so that means some new colours and prints. Even though I could wear black all the time I've convinced me self to get so more coloured clothes for this year's Spring/Summer.

I've just put together a group of items to inspire my new buys for Spring and hopefully give you some ideas as well. Most of these are printed,no surprise there, but I think prints are good for spring because they're not too light for summer but not too dark for winter and they always have something going on.

The items:

As you can see a lot of prints. These are only a few items out of all the new Spring collection but they are the ones that I've been using more on my polyvore.

There's a lot of skirts up there but I found with these that when it's not as hot enough for you to wear a skirt by itself you can wear a long coat and tights with boots and you won't freeze and it would look cute. These skirts are either from Topshop or Zara but if you want a link to any of these just comment below.

A lot more jumpsuits take to the rack in the Summer so you'll get more or a variety then however if you have one already,or if you've bought want recently,you can easily wear them in Spring with a leather/biker jacket and some boots or flats. Topshop did an amazing printed jumpsuit last Summer but it sold out just when I was about to buy it so that was annoying.

The printed blue and white blouse on the top row is from Tosphop and I just want this because it's just me. I love it and when I came across it on polyvore I just used it so much in my sets. I think this is perfect for spring because the colours aren't too dark and if you wear another solid colour it will tone the print down. Kimonos are always big in the Spring because of their floral prints and the fact you can wear them as outwear. The ones on the top row are my favourites.

I won't blabber on anymore. The link to my polyvore is here and includes all these items and more.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO

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