Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My February Favourites (Part 2)

Hello guys,

As I said I'm here with part 2 of my February Favourites. These favourites are based on my most used items in my polyvore sets so like my virtual favourites.I've managed to put a lot of them together on one page but there's still some that are not are left. Some of these items I want hence me using them so much in my sets so it's mixed with my wishlist. You can find my sets and more of my items on my polyvore,the link is here.

My most used items:

I'm pretty sure you won't want me to talk about all of them because you'll get bored so I'm going to talk about some.

On the first column,starting from right to left, is a Topshop coat. I love this coat just everything about it,I'm not sure if I already talked about them but I need this coat. In the same column is the acne jumper. In my sets I've used this jumper differently eg on lace dresses,on jeans and with knee high boots and shorts however Acne clothing is expensive so It's just on my favourites.

On the second column is Topshop blue black jeans,I love these because I think this colour works well with all black and the fact it's high-waisted so you can tuck tops in or you can wear it normally. I just love these bags full stop.I really want the Celine mini luggage tote,which is the second bag, because it's so simple and versatile. There's loads of different colour combinations but it's around £900,hurts I know.

On the last column are the shoes that I love. The third boots are the Alexander Wang Sunniva Suede Ankle Boots which I've used so much in my sets. I've used them with shorts,jeans and dresses. The Asos sandals I've mainly used under skirts or shorts,more in my summer outfits.The rings I've used a lot because of their simplicity.

That's all,If you wanted any more info about any of these items or links just comment.Have a nice day.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO

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