Monday, 3 March 2014

My February Favourites (Part 1)

Hey guys,

I wanted to show you my favourites from February I know we're in March but it went so quick that I didn't even realise. I've also included my beauty favourites. Anyway on with my items.

This is my favourite dress that I own. It's from Urban Outfitters,I adore that shop, and I bought it for £38.00. It's straight down and it's quite loose but it doesn't make you look bigger than you are. I've never had these types of dresses before so It was a nice change. I do love my prints and Urban Outfitters do them really well so I basically want everything when I go into that shop. The print is bright in contrast to the black,Urban Outfitters can be expensive so be warned.I wear it with my boots and leather jacket.


My next item is my current moisturiser. I purchased
this from Body shop and I love the consistency of it. Obviously with a good cream must come with a divine smell,which it has. I usually apply this when I come out the shower or when I feel like my hands are dry. Body shop have really good products for the body,I like how a lot of it's natural and that helps me because of my sensitive skin.                                                                        

I love this chubby crayon/lipstick. I've used it so much that the writing has rubbed of but I found out what it's called and it's the 'Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.' I needed a new lipstick and I wanted to go for different colour so when my friend told me to get it I was happy with the product so thank you. It comes out as a deep purple and I apply it with powder underneath for it too last longer. It is in the colour 'Crush Beguin.' It moisturises my lips and it stays on for a long time. I want to try the new matte versions they look so nice.

I've already posted about these before but I never got to wear them until recently so this is a short review for them. They aren't leather which I knew but I find it annoying how the material is prone to marks. For me the height of the heel is enough for me to wear casually and my feet don't hurt until the end of the day. They are comfy and H&M do great chunky boots. They fit to size because previous boots I've had had been small on one boot,it was weird.

This is a terrible picture I apologize,my camera was acting up. This denim shirt is from Zara and I bought it for £16.00. It's dark denim and slightly boyish. It looked big on me buttoned up so when I wore it I left it open and wore a black top underneath. This was the the first time I really layered up with anything and the denim shirt was one of my layers,along with a top and my leather jacket,I boiled. It's really casual and easy to wear. I want to buy a jumper so I can wear them together because I like it when a shirt pokes out from the bottom of the jumper.

That's it for February. I'm also making a post on my Polyvore favourites for February which will include the items I've used the most in my sets and I've fell in love with,it will be Part 2. That should be up this week and Fashionista Friday so look out for them both. I hope you liked it and thanks for reading.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO

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