Friday, 7 March 2014

Fashionista Friday-Adriana Gastelum

Hello sweeties,

This week for Fashionista Friday is Adriana Gastelum or you may know her from her blog,Fake Leather. She's 24 and a style blogger from Mexico since 2010. Her blog has gained so much popularity over the years and now you see her on various advertisements. The link to her fashion blog is here. It's worth checking her 'shop my closet' link on her blog because there are some amazing items there but a lot of them are out of stock.

As usual I pick 15 but Adriana has 150 pages full of her outfits so if you like the pictures below definitely carry on looking through them on her blog.

Her outfits:

If the blog name doesn't give it away you obviously knows she loves leather. I'm usually not keen on baggy loose leather trousers but in the third set of pictures the first outfit,starting from left to right, she makes them look so nice and in the next picture you see her leather again. She is one of the best for layering. I don't know how she layers leather jackets and a coat and not boil to death but she does it.  You see in several outfits she does a lot of layering,she uses her dark denim shirt as her base in a few outfits.

I'm in love with tartan/plaid coats,I almost love all of them,and I adore the one she has (in the second set of pictures) because the colours are different. Another thing I want from her is her knee high wedge boots they just seem so perfect. She even manages to work double denim very well but some people may disagree.

That's all for this week,if you want me to do a Fashionista Friday on your favourite fashion icon comment below and I will definitely do it. Have a nice day guys.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO

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