Thursday, 13 March 2014

New Bits & Bobs

Hey sweeties,

I thought I would show you my latest small buys. There won't be many hardly any hauls until my birthday because I'm currently saving up,which is the worst experience of my life, for items that I've been wanting for some time. Anyway the purchases...

My first item is another Celine bag look-a-like. The mini Celine luggage tote I absolutely adore (the link to one is here) but its around £900.I wanted a new black bag so I thought I would buy a similar one. I was scared about it being big but it isn't that big,which I'm grateful for. Although I like the outside the inside is horrible. It looks tacky but I think it will be ok when I have my stuff in it. It also comes with a strap that you can take on and off. I bought it for £16 not including shipping.There were many different colours but I prefer black and I bought it from Amazon.

My next items is a printed scarf. I love this scarf the minuted I saw it. The material is so soft and silky and the print are very rich colours. The scarf is small, even though it's folded in the picture. I really wanted it so I thought I'd tie it on a black bag because It would really stand out. It may sound dumb but It would look nice on the bag above and on all black outfit. I bought it from a vintage fair for £3 and there a lot of other bits and bobs that looked cute.

My last buy is these London Rebel shoes that I bought through ASOS. I've never really bought any pointed shoes but they're in for the spring and even though they are black I'm still glad I bought them. They're similar to the ones that I wanted from Zara but I bought these for £20 but the Zara ones are more expensive so they've gone off my wishlist. They are suede so they look quite light in the picture. They're flats and as you can see a strap. It's another versatile item because they're black but if it was another colour I think they would only suit some outfits.

That's all that I've bought so recently. I just wanted to say thank you for the 1k+ views and it's crazy that people actually read the stuff I write. Thank youuu.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO                                                                 

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