Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Chanel the inner you

Hellooo guys,

We all want stuff we can't have,in this case designer items. I'm sure everyone has their own wishlist for designer wants. I have many many items on my list (who hasn't?) but I'm going to start with my Chanel favourites.

Everyone wants something from Chanel,you just do, but I have some favourites that I would buy if I the chance. I do want some make up from Chanel but I've not added it on here and also the nail polishes I've heard are amazing.

Anyway on with my wishlist...

My favourites: 

Let's start from the first row. The Chanel quilted chain side bag.This has to be one of most popular Chanel items, I want it so bad for it's simplicity and its perfection. It's so versatile and I also like the navy version of it however there are many other colours. There is a new version of the classic side bag it is nice however I prefer the original one and would buy this first.

There are two Chanel perfumes that I adore,the Chanel No5 and the Coco Mademoiselle. They both have very rich scents and expensive.

The shoes. These shoes I love. The first two are the Chanel espadrilles I don't know which colours I prefer. I wasn't too keen on them at the start but they really grew on me making me using them in a lot of my polyvore sets. The Chanel Chelsea boots...these boots I would do anything for. I love Chelsea boots as it is but these are by far my favourite and way out of my price range,sadly. Kylie Jenner has been spotted wearing them few times and they look amazing. She also looked amazing. The last item is the Chanel ballet flats. These are really cute and very versatile. It isn't that good of a picture but the are quilted around the side and shiny at the front.

There are many look a likes of the classic Chanel stuff you just have to search for them,I'm currently searching for a look a like of the chain side bag. Everyone has a bit of Chanel in them,channel yours. That was really cringe worthy,sorry.

Just a small post today,hope you liked it.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO