Thursday, 20 February 2014


Hey guys,

If you didn't know it was the Brits here yesterday. For those who don't know what the Brits they are,it's a award show celebrating musical achievements. It was amazing night with performances from Ellie Goulding,Arctic Monkeys,Beyonce, Bastille and many more. Few of my favourites won which I'm very happy about and just to let you know,yes Beyonce did look like perfection as per usual.

Events like these come amazing outfits even the men looked on point. If you didn't watch it and you love music I suggest you watch it now. On with the best dressed...

Here they are:

With the Brits being yesterday these are not all my favourites because some have not been posted online yet. Any who even though Beyonce just performed and didn't stay for the night she looked amazing when performing, I need her genes like right now. Alex Turner looked very dapper along side,Harry Styles and Tom Daley they definitely were at the top of their game. You should really watch Alex Turner's acceptance speech it  were hilarious due to his drunken state.Elle Henderson looked  mature from her X factor tme and very beautiful. Nicole really rocked the leather and black look and she also changed again for the after party.

There it is. My favourite outfits from the Brits 2014,vey Brit-licious.Congratulations to everyone who won the awards and a even bigger one to my favourites

- Much Love

- Shameela XO

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