Sunday, 16 February 2014

Zara Wishlist

Hello sweeties,

If you don't know already I adore Zara more than anything,it's one my favourite shops and it's just amazing. Their clothing fits in with my style however it can be expensive making me sulk at times. I always want something from Zara so I decided to make a wishlist on everything I want at the moment. 

The Zara sale is always good,I bought a lot this year. They tend to reduce their prices only a few pounds and then they carry on dropping down the price and towards the end the prices is really low so I suggest go to Zara sale towards the end as well and and the start. 

Although I love Zara their pricing can be weird for example I bought a Jumper which was more expensive than the shirt I bought at the same time,which to me made no sense. The Zara that nearest to me tends to hardly bring any bags in I don't know if this is the same for other stores but it's so annoying because I love their bags.

I made this on my polyvore so if you want to check it on the link is here. I still want more stuff but I couoldn't find everything on polyvore.

Anyway on with my wishlist...

Here it is:

My Zara Wishlist

I'm only going to talk about a few. If you want any links to any of these items comment below. Anywho if you look on the first column (from left to right,the third item) there is a white jumper it looks very similar to the Acne one that is very popular. Danielle Bernstein wore it and it would look nice with knee high boots of knee high socks and brogues or  flats. On the second column (from left to right,first bag) is the black mini office city bag. I love that bag the minute I looked at it,cheesy I know, but I want it so bad but it's not on the UK website but on every other one which is very annoying. 

The last column I just don't have a reason for like come on they're shoes,does a girl need a reason? I use them all in my polyvore sets on head over there if you want to see. They're all flats and pointed which I've never worn before so I can't want to try them out.

I seriously suggest that you go to Zara you may have a little heart attack when you see some of the prices but it's okay we can have attacks together. Like I said comment below for any links or anything. I hope you liked it.

- Much Love 

- Shameela XO


  1. Great wishlist! They're all such subtle transition pieces that are perfect for this time of year :) xoxo