Saturday, 28 December 2013

The After Christmas Haul

Hey sweeties,

I know I'm late but Merry Christmas! As we all know with Christmas comes the intense sales afterwards. I had my eye on a few items that I wanted to come down so I could buy them. I managed to get them and a couple of other items as well so I'd thought I would do a haul.

What I bought: 

All Items from Zara.

My first items are all from Zara. Zara is one of my favourite shops so I was looking forward to their sale & was happy that I managed to find some stuff.

(Starting from the left hand side)

  • Checked Top - £12.99 - I love this top instantly when I saw it & the material is very soft. A very casual top with a really nice checked front,the back is all black.You can wear this with almost anything.
  • Black Jeans - 17.99 - I've heard that the jeans from Zara are comftable and I wasn't disappointed,the jeans fit me like a glove and I recommend them to anyone.They are good for your everyone day jeans.
  • Brown Jumper - £9.99 - This jumper, I think, was a good purchase. It was cheap (for Zara) and it's thick however I don't understand how this was cheaper than the top.I want to wear a white or black collared shirt with this jumper & a leather jacket.


The items are from various shops but they are all versatile.

(Starting from the left hand side)

  • Checked dress from Dorothy Perkins - £22 - This dress wasn't in the sale but I purchased it any way because I liked the checked print and how it was skater styled.
  • Leather Jacket from Topshop - £45 - I don't think I have words to describe how much I love this jacket. I've been wanting another leather jacket for a long time now and this was perfect and the price came down for £58 which I think is fine. The fur is detachable which a big plus point and it is very comfy.I recommend for everyone to get it.
  • Black ring from River Island - £4. This came down from £10 and this ring is very me with it's boldness and sophistication again because it's black it's very versatile. 

That's all for now,I also have ordered some boots that I am waiting to arrive. I hope you enjoyed it and comment if you want to know/ask anything. Have a nice day guys.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO

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