Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beautiful Boho

Hello sweeties,

Bohemian or Boho is a type of style that I adore so I've just done a post on what a few key items are to get the boho look. I was inspired by this year's Coachella which is full of boho and I apologize in advance for the amount of times I say boho.

I've always loved bohemian clothing and  it may be because I have a love for prints but I've only wore floral prints and other prints which are a huge part of the boho chic style. I love boho because a lot of items are just me for example the prints and maxi skirts/dresses and I just tend to like the style. Boho is full of prints,dress,lace and it's a Spring/Summer style

The music festival,Coachella, is absolutely amazing for boho outfits and if you want to look at some outfits/street style from the music festival a link is here.Everyone always goes for the bohemian look. It happens every year and this year's gone and went a couple of days ago and it seemed amazing. My boho inspiration has to be Vanessa Hudgens not only does she rock it at Coachella she always does it when she's snapped. She's definitely worth looking up if you like bohemian style clothing and outfits.

I've just put together a bunch of general items that I think are important if you want to be well on your way to the boho look and it's in time for Spring.

General items:

Bohemian items. 

(1) Cardigans-Coming out of winter you see cardigans take to the racks and I think lace cardigans add to the boho effect. Lace in general is good for this style but cardigans I think are nice to wear on top of dresses and shorts.Long cardigans are also a trend at the moment however I don't think they're as boho as the short lace ones. You can find the cardigan in the picture here.

(2) Kimonos- I've been wanting a kimono since last year but I've not found one that I adore. Many kimonos have prints,lace or tassels on them and they are really big in spring and can easily be found. Boohoo and H&M have nice ones in this year at good prices. Kimonos are easy to style,for example on top of jeans and shorts,they're casual. You can find the kimono in the picture here.

(3) Flower Headbands- There were so many floral headbands at Coachella because they're just so cute. They look nice when your hair is down. There is a big range which is good because you can get small flower ones and also larger flower ones.They are a good accessory if you want achieve this look. You can find the flower headband in the picture here.  

(4) Maxi dresses- I've always loved maxi dresses but I couldn't find one that I loved and this is definitely in the boho look. The maxi dresses with prints or floral prints tend to look more boho chic and they look realy nice with necklaces,sandals and hat. You can find the maxi dress in the picture here.

(5) Maxi skirts-There are so many nice printed boho styled maxi skirts and they are easy to find. The store New Look are amazing for boho styled ones and I'm looking to buy one from there but the last time when I brought a maxi skirt it didn't suit me as much as I loved them but I'm going to try again. I think they are easy to style,I would style mine with sandals,cardigan,necklace and a simple top. You can find the skirt in the picture here.

(6) Long Necklaces-Some people may say that long necklaces aren't a key item but I think they are because they do add to the boho style, for example with a maxi skirt. I wear a headscarf so there is no point for me to buy normal necklaces so I buy long ones or someone suggested to me that I could get long chains and replace it with the smaller chain and they are always loads around. Forever 21 do amazing jewellery and New Look do nice long necklaces. Urban Outfitters also do lovely jewellery but they are more expensive.The necklaces in the picture are sold out.

(7) Oversized sunglasses- It may not be obvious from the picture but oversized sunglasses are good to get the boho look even though you may not think so. If you imagine someone wearing a hat with a maxi dress and sandals then add oversized sunglasses it looks more boho,well I think it does when I imagine it. The sunglasses in the picture are sold out.

(8) Hats- These are a really key item because in spring,hats are everywhere. They're are different styles of hats. For the boho look I think they're are two types of hats that suit the look and they are,fedora hats and floppy hats. If you don't know what they look like there is a link to a floppy hat here and a fedora hat here. Personally I prefer the floppy hats but they both look nice if you want to go for the boho look.You can find the fedora hat in the picture here.

(9) Lace shorts- As I said before lace is always big in spring so lace shorts are another key item if you wear shorts. Shorts in general are nice for spring but lace ones are good for a boho look. Denim shorts are also good for the style. The shorts in the picture are sold out.

(10) Sandals- They are different types of sandals but the ones,I think,that suit the boho look more are the gladiator style ones and if you don't know what they are a link to one is here. You can also get knee high ones,flats ones and ankle length ones. You can buy the find the sandals in the picture from here and here.

I had no more space in the picture but ankle boots are also good for the boho style but you have to be careful because some could look cowgirl-y and side bags are also nice. A longer post today but I hope this has helped in some sort of way if you want to get more of a boho look. I love bohemian chic as the next person so I can't wait to buy some of these items.Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it,comment below if you want anymore links or anything else.

- Shameela XO

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