Friday, 31 January 2014

Fashionista Friday-Miranda Kerr

Hey guys,

Welcome to the first week of fashinista Friday. I'm starting with one of my favourites,Miranda Kerr.

Miranda is amazing from her modelling skills to her photo-shoots and of course her style.I love her style because its simple but effective at the same time. Her outfits look effortless and I love almost all of them. I also adore how she takes one item and styles it differently. She is one on my tops street style crushes.

Even though she's had a child her body and style is still perfection. Every photo I see of her I immediately adore what she is wearing and how she styles it. I hope I have her style like hers when I'm her age.

I,eventually,managed do narrow down her street style photos to 15 it may seem a lot but I love so many of her outfits that 15 isn't enough. These pictures give a small view of her style but just enough for you to get a taste. I've tried to give a range to show you.

Her street style:

I love dark colours and even though she wears a lot of them it simply works. Her causal outfits work well and I fall in love with some of the pieces she wears like the Isabel Marant coat (the third collage,first picture starting from the left) and I've always loved the Givenchy bag she wears.

Overall I love her style and just her. I hope you liked the first week of  Fashionista Friday and I can't wait to do some more.

- Much Love

- Shameela XO

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